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Get ready for a fun day of inshore fishing Mobile Bay and a great day on the water. Each fishing charters will be customized to cater to your needs. We provide you with everything you need to ensure your trip is a success, including rods, reels, tackle, live bait, and even a saltwater fishing license. Save the hassle and hire a charter business. **All prices are for the entire boat trip and not per person pricing**

Guided Inshore and Nearshore fishing 
Inshore fishing trips are available 12 months a year and nearshore (gulf) trips are available during the spring summer and early fall.

Trophy Speckled Trout Trips $829

Trophy Speckled trout fishing is my absolute passion. Although Trophy Speckled Trout can be caught on almost any inshore fishing trip any time of the year we use much more specific tactics when we target only Trophy Speckled Trout. Trophy Speckled Trout fishing can be some of the most enjoyable and the most frustrating all at the same time type of fishing. Mobile Bay has numerous opportunities to catch trophy speckled trout. We will target these fish with live bait and some artificial bait. These trips are best to be one to two anglers. With enough advanced notice we can book trips in advance based on preferred moon and tide stages.  

2015 ADSFR Speckled Trout Winner

Inshore Fishing $479-$559

Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan area

  • Trips in the Spring and summer will focus on species like speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead, flounder and tripletail
  • Live, dead and some artificial bait 
  • We will target inshore species in areas like grass flats, gulf beaches, deep water structure and oyster reefs
  • Snapper season is usually in during the months of June and July so check with us about snapper trips.
  • Near shore gulf trips we target spanish mackerel, king mackerel,and other hard fighting drag pulling fish (never know what your gonna catch)
  • Gulf of Mexico trip with Barry Stokes

Mobile Bay  (Mobile, Dog River, Theodore Canal, Fowl River, Spanish Fort, Daphne, Fairhope, Point Clear, Magnolia springs and Causeway area.

  • Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter fishing trips for Speckled trout, Redfish, Flounder,Sheepshead, Black Drum and Triple Tail
  • ​We will fish open free standing structure, oyster reefs, grass flats, piers, artificial reefs provided by CCA of Alabama and by Alabama Marine Resources
  • We will fish with live, dead and artificial lures

Mobile River Delta System

  • Also known as Americas Amazon 
  • ​Some of the best fishing of the year happens between Halloween and St. Patricks Day 
  • ​Mostly artificial bait fishing 
  • Both quality and quantity can be had in the Delta and other tidal rivers in the fall and winter months
  • ​My favorite time of year to fish 

Sight Seeing Boat Tours Available

Dauphin Island - see the entire island from the water.

  • Make a stop on the west end beach
  • Get a up close look at the historic Sand Island Light house
  • See Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines from the Union Navy Fleets Point of View
  • See Shrimp boats in action 
  • Most every trip will include some Dolphin watching

Mobile Bay - Depending on pick up location and weather this tour will vary. Below is a list of potential sights 

  • Historic Middle Bay Lighthouse
  • ​Galliard Island (home of the brown pelican)
  • Dolphin watching
  • Shrimp Boats in action
  • Working natural gas rigs
  • Historic Grand Hotel ​

Mobile River Delta System

  • See various types of wild life Hogs, eagles, Deer, etc
  • Beautiful River delta system

Common Launch and pick up Locations

Spanish Fort

Dauphin Island

​Fish River

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